Cobscook Backyard Ultra

Cobscook Backyard Ultra – 50K or 50 miles.  Sunday 21 April

The Event:  Come and run an easy 5 Km or 4.167 mile (6.706 Km) loops – just a stroll in the Park!  If you want to spend Sunday 21 April in the beautiful Cobscook Bay State Park running and walking your first, or a different kind of, 50 Km or 50 mile Ultra with a great group of people, then why not sign up and join the fun? Or bring 1 or more friends and split the distance between you as a team entry.

If you can run/walk 3.1 miles in 1 hour then do it again next hour, and then again for 10 laps/hours in total, then you can finish a 50K in 10 hours. Or if you don’t think you can do it all alone, find a friend or two and divide it up as a Relay Team of 2 or 3, just so long as one team member completes each lap.

Or run/walk 4.167 miles each hour over and over again for 12 laps/hours in total for a 50 miler.  Again, do it as an individual or as a Relay Team of 2 or 3, just so long as one member completes each lap.

The course is on vehicle free park gravel roads and will be well marked with arrows at every intersection. The 4.167 mile loop will overlap with the 5K loop for the most part with an additional 0.57 Km out and back to make up the difference.

50 mile runners will start earlier, at 7:00am and do a 4.167 mile loop, then do it again at 8:00am, etc. as with the 50 K runners – every hour and starting the last lap at 6:00pm alongside the last lap for the 50 K runners.

Teams – in addition to individuals we will allow teams of 2 or 3 runners to compete.  So long as one of your runners is on the start line on the hour, and completes the loop, your team can continue.  This means you can participate without having to run all 10 laps, or even if you need to run off to do something else for a couple of hours.  It’s up to you to organize your team.

Note: if there is competition for places we will give first priority to individual runners, second to 2 person teams, and lastly to 3 person teams – so yeah, we’re encouraging you to think big and ambitious – get out of your comfort zones!

Timing:  We’ll have a clock and a timing sheet on-site – write down your own loop times.

More information can be found on the event website!

Event Details


April 21, 2024


9:00 AM

Venue Address

Cobscook Bay State Park Road (off South Edmunds Rd)
Edmunds Twp, ME US 04628