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Our Team is Here to Help Get Your Team Here!

Maine’s called Vacationland for a reason. We’ve got mountains and rivers. Lakes, fields, forests and 3,500 miles of coastline. You can smell the salt sea in the air and see shooting stars above your head at night. Every corner of the state beckons you outside to enjoy its raw beauty, making Maine a haven for sports.

And for the pros, almost pros, not even close to pros and people who just like to cheer, the countless sporting events indoors and out that take place here every year are a special treat. They’re a chance for people from away to enjoy, if even for a weekend, the special place we get to take in all year.

Plus with 4 seasons, Maine can host 4 times the types of events. Skiing to sailing, running to rafting, we can be the backdrop for it all. So if you’d like to get in on all Maine has to offer (be it hosting an event, planning, participating or just watching), the Maine Sports Commission team is here to get you here.

Our Mission

The Maine Sports Commission, a nonprofit organization, works to advance, elevate and promote Maine as a four season sports destination, strengthening the state through sports tourism, encouraging healthy, active lifestyles.

Hosting's In Our Nature

Our Crew

Staff & Board of Directors

Sheila Brennan Nee

Maine Sports Commission – Strategic Director

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Amanda Royce

Maine Sports Commission – Sports Development Director

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Russell Walters

MSC Board Chair, President, Northern Outdoors

Founding member, February 2012

Hannah Collins

Deputy Director, Maine Office of Tourism

MOT Founding member, July 2018; Ex officio member 

Abby Traver

Group Sales & Services Manager, Visit Portland

Member, March 2022

Carolann Ouellette

Director, Maine Office of Tourism, Recreation and Film

Founding Board member, February 2012; Ex officio member

Lynn Tillotson

President + CEO, Visit Portland

Member, November 2014

Ethan Vinson

Economic Development Specialist, AVCOG; Maine’s Lakes and Mountains Tourism Council, Regional Grant Manager

Member, February 2022

Kerrie Tripp

Director of Sales, Discover New England 

Founding Member, February 2012



Marc Gosselin

Executive Director for Community Partnerships and Sports Tourism, City of Auburn

Member, February 2023



Brian Emerson

Producer, OutsideTV

MSC Advisor


Linsey MacDougall

Development & Programs Manager, Maine Justice Foundation

Member, March 2021

Johnny Mehler

Owner/Lead Videographer, Good Eye Productions

MSC Advisor

Dr. Jo Williams, Emeritus

Maine Sports Commission Board Member Emeritus, Dean of the College of Management and Human Service, University of Southern Maine

Member, February 2022

Linda Varrell

President/CEO, Broadreach PR

Maine Sports Commission Board Member Emeritus, January 2022

Member, January 2018 – December 2021