Piopolis International Triathlon

Come and experience the friendly atmosphere of Piopolis during the International Triathlon Piopolis – Carrabassett Valley, a unique event of its kind. The only triathlon in North America that crosses Canada-US borders during the bike course, it brings out the best of each country during its flagship distance, the Half Long Distance (70.3).

The purity of a lake surrounded by mountains, the smooth rolling roads of Maine, the beauty of the Narrow Gauge Pathway for a quick run at the base of Sugarloaf Mountain. Join us!

Cross the Canadian-American borders during this unique event that will amaze you. An event for the whole family, several distances are offered.

Please visit the event site for details about various course lengths and event logistics!

Sat, Aug 24
A running festival in the picturesque village of Piopolis. Timed events, magnificent landscapes!
Sat, Aug 24
Events for everyone to do solo or as a team!
Sun, Aug 25
One of the most beautiful triathlons in America! A swim in a pure lake with a mountainous setting, a fast bike section that crosses the Canadian-American border to reach the perfect roads of Maine, a race in nature on a multifunctional trail.
Sun, Aug 25
Carrabassett Valley
Join International Triathlon athletes on the Narrow Gauge Pathway for a nature half marathon along the Carrabassett River. Spectacular views and a friendly atmosphere.

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August 24-August 25, 2024



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