Sideline Stories: Natalie Beaudoin – Community-minded rising basketball player

Lewiston’s Natalie Beaudoin is Inspiring Next Generation of Maine Athletes


Growing up in Maine has significantly impacted my life and shaped my path as a student-athlete. One of the most significant parts of my childhood was the opportunity to get involved in sports, particularly basketball. Starting from my involvement in Lewiston Recreation in second grade to being a part of Maine’s most successful national AAU team, the Firecrackers, I’ve had the privilege of participating in top-notch programs that equip young athletes in Maine with the tools for success.

My journey as a young athlete in my home state has been profoundly shaped by the unwavering support of Kristina Blais (Founder of Blais Hoops Academy) and Coach Abi Davids (Owner and coach of XL Thunder and Maine Firecrackers) within the state’s athletic community. These mentors have consistently emphasized the values of discipline, teamwork, and determination, qualities that extend far beyond the court and are fundamental for success in all aspects of my life.

Despite the challenges of Maine’s less prominent sports scene, these experiences and mentors have made me more resilient and driven, motivating me to seek opportunities beyond our borders. Maine has molded me into a determined athlete prepared to overcome obstacles and excel at the Division I level next season.

As I prepare for the transition to Division I basketball at the University of Vermont, the recent changes allowing student-athletes to benefit from their Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) have opened new avenues for me to grow my athlete brand. I am excited to use my NIL to not only enhance my personal brand but also to make a positive impact on others. By working with Greg Glynn at Pliable Marketing I am exploring all the ways I can inspire the next generation of athletes and give back to my community.

My journey through the world of sports in Maine has shaped me into the individual I am today. I am grateful for the opportunities and the positive impact sports have had on my life. As I move forward, I am determined to utilize my athletic platform to make a meaningful difference and inspire other young athletes to chase their dreams.

* * *

Natalie and fellow Maine athlete, Maddie Niles, used their NIL funds to give back to the Ronald McDonald House, a story featured in the community link here.

Since the tragedy in Natalie’s hometown of Lewiston, she has created a clothing line to support all those impacted: “We Are Lew1ston.” The Maine Sports Commission applauds this local athlete for finding ways to help her community.